Sunday, February 25, 2007

Social networking and real estate

Real estate agents are finding social networking (and bookmarking) sites to be a new way to find customers. An agent from Arlington Heights, IL is using listings at various social sites and is having great success. He has created a profile at and is targeting keywords like Arlington Heights real estate and other local terms to drive new traffic to his website.

A few new profile pages that have been created include this Arlington Heights page at Windows Live, and this Claim ID page about his real estate team Suburban House Hunters. These pages not only can bring in more search engine traffic, but also traffic from those that use these social sites. Many people find a community online and will use that community to locate service providers and more.

With some hard work and networking the goal is to become the trusted authority on these social sites and capture new business.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Video Tubes

The Video Tubes are the coolest way to upload share and view videos online you just got to get over there and check it out . Look out because more offen than not you end up spending way to much time playing on this site , it becomes almost part of your daily buzz.

Check it out head over to the video tube now