Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Mexico Homes

New Mexico Homes If you are planning to move even from korea to the southwest, New Mexico is an option that shouldn't go unconsidered. New Mexico is primarily a large rural state that has much to offer in the way of real estate, year round outdoor activities, and cultural events and celebrations. Prices of New Mexico homes vary throughout the state and greatly depend on geographical location. Santa Fe is the capitol of New Mexico, which is located in the north central part of the state, Los Alamos, home of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, is just thirty minutes west of Santa Fe, and just forty-five minutes southwest on I-25 is Albuquerque, the largest city in the state. Historic Route 66 passes directly through Albuquerque complete with nostalgic cafes and businesses along the way. Further south is Truth of Consequences, then Las Cruces, the second largest city in the state, where I-25 ends and I-10 begins, taking motorists forty-five miles south to El Paso, Texas, and the Mexico border. To the east is the infamous alien town of Roswell, and to the west is Silver City nestled in the Gila Mountains. Now that you have a little geographical orientation to the state, let's talk about New Mexico homes. In the north central part of the state, homes in and around the Santa Fe and Los Alamos areas can be quite pricey., but it is a beautiful area surrounded by gorgeous mountains, high desert mesas, and captivating views. Further north toward the town of Abiquiu and the Abiquiu Reservoir, a great selection of New Mexico homes is also worth taking a look at. You'll find that land and home prices are more reasonable in town and outlying areas, but more expensive on and near the waterfront. The famous New Mexico painter Georgia O'Keeffe used her serene Abiquiu ranch as a backdrop for many of her most famous portraits. If you would like living in a larger metropolitan area, then Albuquerque may be just right. These New Mexico homes vary greater in price, and there are a number of homes available for all budgets. This also goes for the areas further south; Las Cruces is touted as being one of the top retirement destinations in the country. Thanks to the internet anyone considering moving to state can view many available New Mexico homes, ranches, and land for sale on most realtor sites. The MLS or Multiple Listing Service contains all properties available for sale in certain areas, which can be accessed through most real estate sites. Virtual tours of New Mexico homes and properties can be viewed too, which is the next best thing to being there. Purchasing a New Mexico home is a great investment. The lifestyle is more laid back, the air is cleaner, and there are over three hundred days of sunshine a year. Mountains and desert serve as a fine back drop for fairly temperate weather year round. So in your search, consider purchasing a New Mexico home or land, you won't be disappointed.


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