Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wholesale Mini Bikes

Riding pocket bikes is both great fun and learning experience, not to be missed by anyone, young or old. They may be small but give the same feeling of riding a regular motor bike, despite being slower. No wonder that in today's biking world a huge shift is taking place towards pocket bikes.
These pocket bikes run on gas as well as electricity. The ones running on gas are cheaper since they consume very little gas. You will also find these gasoline run pocket bikes speedier and easier to handle and get around, compared to ones driven by electricity.
There are some points to be kept in mind though. Pocket bikes are made essentially for racing and not for street driving. They should therefore be used with utmost care and caution, if they are racing bikes. More importantly, they are not meant for underage children. Also, racing pocket bikes are expensive. Finally, there should always be someone to attend the riders in case of any accident.