Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Check The Best E-Cigarette Liquid

There are also some e-liquids that taste like everyday flavors. There is vanilla which is very sweet and smooth. Thought it does not run into the throat but it’s still very tasteful when inhaled.
Then there is mint flavored e-liquid for those who enjoy real throat hitting flavors. When it is inhaled, it feels chilly down your throat, satisfying the mint lover.
The other e-liquid flavors making companies include Janty, Johnson creek, Wicked, Litecigs, Freesmoke and Anycig.org, which sell not only best e-liquids but also sell electronic cigarettes on wholesale. And when your cartridge is empty, you can consult these companies for more e- liquid. Here is an advice in the end. Store your e-liquid in refrigerator to extend its life as refrigerator can keep it fresh for 11-20 hours.