Saturday, May 26, 2012

Forget The Dotcom Bubble, It's The App Bubble

Doesn’t it seem like to you everybody seems to have some sort of smart phone I mean I actually now have friends who have never before operated a computer or a laptop that today own a smart phone! Basically they skipped the entire PC and Laptop level. And with the way everything is going everyone is going to jump on this ship because the cost of these gadgets is going to be super affordable in only a year or two from now as folks keep upgrading to new phones then sell off their old ones or give them away to friends and family.

From the stats I here in front of me its said that the standard iphone user downloads about eighty apps in a year that’s plenty of apps and they pay for roughly 40% of them. Which makes sense because I know I for one dont mind paying $0.97 cents for a product that will make my life more enjoyable or simpler to manage. This makes untold millions of such apps for phones being brought so people with apps are smoking it big time at the moment.

I've offen thought i'd like to produce an app I actually have a extremely cool idea that in my opinion would actually work, however I have no clue whatsoever about how to do this nor do I really care to learn or be ripped of by someone who says they understand every thing only to discover I have wound up with a 3rd grade piece of junk that will need constant bug fixes and upgrading. So have always said I will not do anything whatsoever until I know I have professional help at an affordable price. Never did I think I would actually start an app business! But that’s now what I’m thinking of doing and I’m inviting everyone who is interested to give there opinion because its kinda like a goldmine industry hard work big rewards for many , you can be taken to the river by watching 4 videos about the app world   live online at ,that you could say right now are cutting edge. its run by a guy named Chad , starting with his story when he was in hospital with a mangled arm which he almost lost in a automobile crash just a few years back. I dont want to go into that now but he will explain all of that to you im sur in the next few days from now, all he asks for is a genuine contact email so he can send you the 4 videos and then he will invite you to a live public webinar starting in June which he will use to tell you the ins and outs of launching an app, and the ways to get apps built and how to work with the app stores to make your app reach the most people.

He has inspired loads of people into the app world including Anthony Robbins who most of us have heard of and we all know to be working with people like this you have to know your stuff, so if you're reading this go ahead and take the following step go and enjoy the videos , the education you're going to get is well worth the time and might just give you the info you need to get your own personal app created and launched into the app stores globally for millions to see and buy. give it a look today you're going to be blown away by what Chad has to say