Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank You Candy Makers

With all this fuss about chocolates and candies, and after spending several years of relishing, chewing, and nibbling each morsel of those amazing sweets, I’ve often thought of all those goodies I’ve tasted and the ingenuity of its creators. After much pondering, I finally decided that the producers of the best candies I’ve eaten ought to be given proper credit. Thus, I’ve summed up the top three companies (not arranged in any order) that produce the best confections in the candy industry and cited examples of their finest products: Willy Wonka Candy, Ce De, and Haribo.

I have always craved for this two-flavored tiny tangy, crunchy candies in a small handy box since I was in grade school - the Nerds. And I have Willy Wonka Candy to thank for. Willy Wonka products are a classic favorite of mine and this company is known for its range of chocolate bars. In fact, their most famous product is the Wonka Bar – the only milk chocolate bar that contains crunchy graham pieces inside.

If you’re wondering who created those sweet, fruit-flavored, tablet-style Smarties (also known as Rockets outside the US), you’re looking at Ce De Candy. What I really like about this company, aside from the fact that they produced Smarties, is their concept of edible accessories – the Candy Necklaces and Candy Watches. Imagine accessorizing yourself and eating out of your wrist at any given time. Amazing right?

And then there’s Gummy Bears, those raspberry, pineapple, orange, strawberry, and lemon chewy sweets. Voted as “Kids Superbrands 2006”, Haribo’s the producer of the hugely popular Gummy Bear. Haribo’s success with Gummy Bears set off their production of other gummy animals and objects such as worms, hamburgers, and cola bottles (my three favorites among all their products).

I read somewhere that, “It's never too early or too late for chocolate.” For me, it’s not just chocolate; it encompasses all types of sweets you can come up with. No matter what people say, candies and chocolates ARE for everyone and can be eaten during any occasion (they’re especially handy in those depressed, I-need-time-to-think occasions). And with all these, we really should be grateful to those that took their time to be able to produce these excellent confections… Thank you Candy Makers!