Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tips For Finding A Good Name For Your Website

Tips for Finding a Good Name for Your Website

With hundreds of millions of websites are on the net, finding a good name for your new website has become more and more challenging. If you do a domain name search or whois search, you’ll need to spend hours to finally confirm a name which isn’t registered already. There’s a few tips for coming up a good and unique domain name.

1) Use the combination of two word phrases that is meaningful - For instance, you are searching for a domain name for an article directory, anything related to article is likely taken already - ezine articles, article city, article depot. Recto is a much less used word somehow related to writing or articles, it’s taken too. You’ll have better chance for a unique name if one of two words is used less frequently.

2) Use neutral name - A domain name doesn’t have to be explicitly related to your online operation. A directory site doesn’t have to have the word directory in it. Intel works better than Intel Computer, and Walmart works better Walmart grocery store.

3) Be Creative - Domain name could be very creative. Tropical Rain would well be a good name for a general blog site. “A small orange“, in fact, is a name of a small web hosting company.

4) Try a different top level domain option - .com is favored by most businesses and individuals. If you can’t register a domain name with .com, try .info, .us, .net, or .ws.

The difficulty in searching for domain name is partly due to those domainers who register thousands or more of domain names at a few dollars per domain or less. They’ll sell for hundreds, thousands or even more when someone is desperately wants a domain name they own. On popular webmaster forums, you see almost everyday that webmasters are willing to pay for a few dollars for domain name suggestion.

It takes time and creativity to come up with an ideal domain name, and a kill domain name will make a huge difference too. It is estimated that type-in traffic is about 5-15% of search traffic. The domain name such as “candy”, “gifts”, or “wine” will worth a lot of money.

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