Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Granola is a great tasting type of food that people eat all the time. It is commonly referred to as a health food and many people eat it for the benefits it offers. They like the taste of it as well so the fact that it is good for their body and they get energy from it is an added bonus. Most people eat granola in the morning to get their day off to a good start. They add it to their cereal or they eat a granola bar. Others eat it in yogurt or even plan by itself.

Granola is a combination of oats and nuts. For granola bars there are many different things added as well. You do need to be careful with granola bars though as not all of them are as healthy as others. Once you start to add in the icing, chocolate chips and other sweets you can be adding plenty of calories and fat that you don’t need. Look for granola bars that aren’t fancy but offer you a great taste that is packed with healthy nutrients that your body can benefit from.

Granola is often mixed with nuts, coconut, and dried fruit to make a delicious tasting trail mix. It can be consumed any time during the day when you need a snack to get you by until your next meal. For this reason many people are able to lose weight when they add granola to their diet in such a manner.

There are tons of great tasting recipes out there that include granola, even desserts. You may want to try them out if you are interested in mixing up how you get your granola into your diet. Some people like to heat up their granola instead of eating it cold or at room temperature. They put it on hot desserts or they bake the dessert with the granola on top.

You can certainly find plenty of ways to eat granola that suits your personal tastes. You may like it alone or with a variety of other types of foods. Granola is very inexpensive too so you can easily add it to your shopping list without too much thought. It can also take the place of sugary snacks in your diet.