Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ice Cream Flavor

Ice Cream Flavor

There is no shortage of ice cream lovers out there or flavors for them to enjoy. Even with hundreds of great flavors out there for them to choose from about 1/3 of the population loves plain vanilla the best. There are tons of ice cream shops out there that will add just about anything you want to the mix. You can get pieces of your favorite candy bars, fresh fruit, and even a chopped up brownie. Don’t forget the various syrups and sauces you can put on there as well.

If you are at an ice cream shop and unsure what flavor to get you can ask for a free sample. This is a great way to know if you will like something before you buy it. You can also buy ice cream at the grocery store and all the assorted flavors to add to them yourself.

Some types of frozen ice cream you can buy already has various types of additions to it. Make sure you read the labels to know if the flavoring is real or artificial. For example you may find strawberry ice cream that tastes like it but is smooth. Other brands offer you chunks of real strawberries in every bite.

You do have to be careful though not to go with too many ice cream flavors at one time. This can really alter the overall taste of it for you. There is also the issue of too much sugar and too many calories in the entire mix of it. If you want something healthier for you consider making your own ice cream at home. You can add various types of fresh fruit to it for flavor but not all the sweets you don’t need.

Most of us has a favorite type of ice cream and that is what we tend to consume. If you haven’t tried something new for a while you should do so. It can be fun to go to the ice cream shop with your family. Once in a while make the rule that everyone has to try a flavor they haven’t had before. You can all try each others as well so that you can experience tons of great flavors of ice cream that are out there.