Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Article Journal Of Internet Marketing Online

The purpose of journals of internet marketing is to motivate the national and international internet marketing experts to write their views and articles so that on a global platform, these views could be shared. The primary advantage of these articles is that, they really help in resolving the problems persisted by the economy of a country. JIP internet marketing journal invites the authors from USA, Greece and China and soon it will invite the e-marketing experts from rest of the world. Some of the topics that are covered in internet marketing journals are, E-brands, Successful E-marketing, A reliable organization, Brand extensions, etc.


Richard said...

Nice post,

Successful Internet Marketing plan is just like non-internet dealing. It is prepared from several factors to build a website and submit it to search engines. The brilliant side is that numerous techniques are tried and accurate and will possibly serve anyone well, while they might work enhanced for one business than another.

Frederick said...


Once you get your business plan ready, you need to decide on your internet marketing plan which is how you are going to build you list, what method of traffic generation you will be committed to do and how you want to craft your autoresponder system.