Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Health Articles About Current Event Articles

Some recent researches have also been discussed by several magazines and news websites. For example, fish, olive oil, nuts are good for eyes. Evidences have been found from the Ophthalmologic studies that fish, olive oil and nuts are really helpful in improving the vision. They contain some healthy fats that help in improving the retina conditions. Such retina damaging conditions that can obstruct the vision completely can be highly avoided by fish and nuts. AMD is the major cause of blindness among people who are 65 years or older. People tend to have blurred vision and in the end, everything goes completely blank. The current events health articles have suggested increasing the intake of fish and olives to a great extent. This way, permanent blindness can be avoided.

The recent health events taking place in the country are World Thlysemia day, World TB day and Earth day. The purpose of celebrating these days is to aware people about the health conditions in our country. There are some health centers that are involved in spreading awareness about the diseases. This really helps in preventing yourself from the hazard of any life threatening disease.


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kimaya said...

Thanks for sharing this, considering the recent problems the use of intaking fish can be more beneficial for health, current health articles are being very informative.