Sunday, August 02, 2009

Women Only Travel Vacations

Some of the famous women travel organizations are Adventure Women Inc, Canyon Calling, Explorations in travel, Wild Women Expeditions. Most of these organizations offer world tours of more than a month traveling to destinations like Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Europe, etc. These tours cover up the airfare plus the hotel stay charges. The other luxuries like boating, hiking and biking are then to be paid by the travelers as they do not come under the trip. Giving you an example of a surf camp in Costa Rica, the price ranges from 1675 bucks to 2500 dollars depending upon the services you choose to opt for. Packages cover shared accommodations, surf instruction and equipments, all types of meals, massage, yoga and the cultural activities of Costa Rica. The trips are based for women who love adventures and surfing in the water. For people who are coming from Mexico, there are different travel requirements whereas for people belonging to other countries, there is a passport and valid visa required. The trips run from November to April.